Gift Guide 2019

Hi, Loves! We hope you enjoy our first, mini gift guide. We love collaborating with our business neighbours in Halifax! Happy Holidays and hope to see you soon.

xo, Sweet Pea

Shop our Winter Song Knit & Dixie Plaid Skirt

Outfit Inspiration

Skirt & Knit: Sweet Pea Boutique - Winter Song Knit & Dixie Plaid Skirt
Dr Martens: Oz Shoes available in-store & online

Shop Oz Shoes
Shop Sweet Pea Boutique

Shop our Distant Star Mini

Outfit Inspiration

Bags & Shoes - can we say more? Shop your must needed accessories & shoes at Oz Shoes this holiday season!

Dress: Sweet Pea Boutique - Shop The Distant Star Mini in-store + online
Heels & Clutch: Oz Shoes - available in-store

Shop Oz Shoes

Holiday Stationary

For any holiday stationary needs, SP recommends visiting Duly Noted 
5431 Doyle St #104, Halifax, NS
Mon-Thurs 10am-6pm
Thurs-Sat 10am-7pm
Sun 12pm-5pm  

IG: @dulynotedstationery

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